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ERPNext for FinTech - Loan Management and Invoice Discounting - Cover Image
ERPNext for FinTech - Loan Management and Invoice Discounting

ERPNext loan module offers loan application, collateral, disbursal, payment, and closure management. It also automates interest and penalty calculations.

Multi-Currency Accounting in ERPNext - Cover Image
Multi-Currency Accounting in ERPNext

ERPNext allows you to manage invoicing, payments, and journal entries in multi-currency. It also has integration with multiple third party apps to automate fetching real time exchange rates.

Estimating ERPNext Implementation Cost - Cover Image
Estimating ERPNext Implementation Cost

Estimating ERP implementation cost can be tricky. However, there are multiple methods to arrive at an initial cost estimation before committing substantial resources to the project.

MIgrating Data Into ERPNext - Cover Image
Data Migration
MIgrating Data Into ERPNext

Data migration is the process of moving data from one system to another. It is one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of modern cloud-based business applications as it is complex and tedious.